Each year, Glenkirk hosts a variety of camps and retreats for elementary children, middle and high school students, and women.

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Elementary Summer Camp at Forest Home! June 11-16, 2023

Camp registration is now full, sign up HERE to join our wait list.

How do I know my child is ready for camp?

They’re Showing Interest

Sometimes it’s best to let your kids judge when the timing is right. If they start to show interest in camp or ask for permission to go, it’s a strong sign that they are ready to pack their bags and head off for a weekend or week of fun.


They’ve Slept Away from Home

Making the decision to send your child away overnight can be worrisome for parents. However, if they’ve spent the night away from home or even extended periods of time with grandparents, aunts or uncles, then camp should not be a problem! This is not a requirement, however we do find children who have slept away from home before handle camp better.


They Can Bathe on Their Own

Heading off to sleep-away camp means parent are not around to help with bed time and bath time routines. As we are happy to remind your child and strongly encourage them, camp is really a time for becoming self-reliant. Being able to shower or bathe and brush their teeth on their own is often a good indicator that your little adventurers are self-reliant and ready to rough it at camp!


They Can Follow Instructions

There will be counselors and other grown-ups leading the show at your kids’ camp, and they need to be able to follow the instructions. If your kids listen well at home and demonstrate the proper behavior and rule-following on sports teams or at school, that is a good sign they are ready for camp!


YOU Are Ready to Let Them Go

Your child may be jumping for joy at the thought of spending a week or more with friends old and new, but ultimately, you as the parent have to be ready to let them go. But if you just don’t feel comfortable or have an inkling that it’s just not the time, then listen to yourself!

The bottom line is everyone is ready for camp at different ages, so trust your instinct and if you feel that it’s time for your child to have an amazing time at camp. Sign them on up!

Drivers to camp are always needed. Must be a Glenkirk attender, pass a background check, and provide license and insurance information. CLICK HERE to email us about becoming a camp driver.


Amber Flores, Director of Children’s Ministries CLICK HERE to email Amber

Erin Braun, Assistant Director of Children’s Ministries CLICK HERE to email Erin

Johanna Heller, Administrative Assistant CLICK HERE to email Johanna

Middle School Summer Camp June 12-16, 2023

Our camp registration is now full, sign up HERE to join our wait list.

High School Mission Trip | June 18-24, 2023 | Salt Lake City, Utah

Join us in prayer for our team as we partner with MAVEN to grow in faith, understand how following Christ changes everything, and become courageous to share the good news.

For questions please contact jheller@glenkirkchurch.org.


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