Session is what we call the body of Elders who are responsible for the mission and government of the church. Elders are to pray and work for the growth of all members and for their equipping for ministry through personal and pastoral care. Glenkirk Elders are ordained for life, but are elected to serve on the Session for a term of three years, unless they are filling an unexpired term.

CLICK HERE to view Elder’s Commitment 2019-20



Pastor Tim Peck (Session Moderator)

Catherine Battaglia
David Bohler
Dave Cherpin
Gina Conner
Vicki De Smet
Bill Ellis
Phyllis Fritz
Kathy Hack
Kevin Haras
Jerry Heinrich
Matthew Heller
Jeff Kugel
Marlene Lamerson
Amy Minick
Paty Moeller
Leah Olson
Ish Perez
Sophia Sandoval
Steve Sharp
Leslie Stockham
Parker Sutton
John Wiedmann



Our Deacons are the care giving front line of our congregation.  They are responsible for hospital visitation, care for shut-ins, prayer ministry, funeral arrangements, and hospitality.

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Hugh Adkins
Robin Adkins
Erin Bennett
Tom Bennett
Peggy Borzi
Paul Bublin
Justin Busse
Susie Busse
Christa Crowell
Shane Crowell
Blanca Garcia
Beth Gorski
Margie Hall
Gloria Ivy
Tom Ivy
Kathy Johnson
Jenah Kellogg
Jeremy Kellogg
May Lieu
Robin Metzger
Kim Muras
Mike Muras
Sue Phelps
Darren Richer
Gus Richer
Christine Smith
Alyssa Thornton
John Thornton
Marjorie Watts