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    Devotionals November 20 – 24, 2017

    11.20.17 | Devotions

    Monday Matthew 16:13-20 At times throughout history, there has been misunderstanding as to what Jesus meant when He said to Peter, “Upon this rock I will build my church” (v. 18). It has also been confusing as to what it means when...

      Devotionals November 13 – 17, 2017

      11.13.17 | Devotions

      Monday Matthew 3 - 4:17 This week we survey our journey through Matthew 3-11: Jesus’ ministry preparation; the Sermon on the Mount, interpreting the Law via the lens of the heart; His demonstrated authority and Messianic call; the trials...

        Devotionals November 6 – 10, 2017

        11.06.17 | Devotions

        Monday 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 This passage in Corinthians is one of my favorites in all of Scripture. Throughout his letters, Paul places an emphasis on “weakness” that I find astounding. He shows how God does not always work in the...

          Devotionals October 30 – November 3, 2017

          10.30.17 | Devotions

          Monday Matthew 10:1-4; Revelation 21:12-14 With apologies for the necessity of a clipped, machinegun style, let’s begin the week overviewing Jesus’ original twelve disciples. Andrew: Peter’s brother, who introduced him to...

            Devotionals October 23 - 27, 2017

            10.23.17 | Devotions

            Monday Matthew 6:16-18; Luke 4:1-4 “And when you fast, do not …” (Matthew 6:16)—a key word in this opening verse is when (vs. if). Jesus seems to indicate that fasting is assumed, not merely a bygone “Old...

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