Face Mask Donations

We have the opportunity to partner with local hospitals to provide face masks for doctors and nurses! If you have sewing supplies at home, we encourage you to join in on this outreach. NOTE: Hospitals can only accept masks with 3 layers of cotton. All sewing material should be washed prior to sewing and the finished masks should be individually sealed in a baggie when donated.

Finished mask donations can be dropped off in the box outside of the Glenkirk Church office beginning Friday, March 26 (1700 Palopinto Ave, Glendora CA 91786) or email Laura (lauragcina@gmail.com) to arrange a pick up. 

CLICK HERE for a template guide!

Video tutorial for making a face mask:


Secondary tutorial video: https://www.joann.com/how-to-make-a-face-mask/042188731P321.html