Our ‘Artist’s Showcase’ will be a series of events which include visual, musical, and culinary art created by artists and gathered around a theme! Stay tuned for our next Artist Showcase dates!


– Music by Romellus Wilson, Robert Watson, Steven Wesley Guiles, and Eric Shouse

– Visual art by Jim Wylie (woodworking), and Patt Hughes (painting)

Music by Neon West, Astyn Turrentine, and Andrea Hamilton
– Visual art by Mary Van De Brake, Nathan Flores, Betty Naylor, and Bud Summers


Interested in being a featured artist at a future showcase? Click the link below to submit your information!


Featured Artists from our previous showcases

– Music by Tudor Wiliams

– Music by Faith Shaw

– Music by Megan Tibbits

– Music by BrowderSister

– Featured pieces from Barnes Guitars and Sarah DeMonteverde

– Food / Culinary Art by Hannah Sinner