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Words From the Pastor - What a summer so far! And fall is just around the corner!

What a summer so far! And fall is just around the corner!

Posted by Tim Fearer on


Dear Glenkirk Family & Friends, 

It is remarkable what God can do through us when we believe, re-commit ourselves and work together toward the things He has set before us.

No one imagined the many—and I mean MANY—thousands of dollars raised to help send twenty Glenkirk youth and their leaders for a week of ministry in Haiti. And the impact both on our people – and I mean ALL our people … both sending congregation and team – as well as the deep blessing it was for our local hosts, partners and recipients is equally beyond imagination.

Before that there was summer camp for our elementary and middle school students at Forest Home. “A week at camp is worth a year of Sunday School.” So said Henrietta Mears, the founder of Forest Home. I know that from my own life. I gave my life to Christ as a rising 6th grader many years ago at Forest Home.

And before that – in May – there was our short term mission of adult volunteers to Kenya led by Bonni Carr. I was shocked to learn during Bonni’s report to us on Sunday, July 23, that since our first contact in 1999 with Tumutumu hospital and its broader ministry Glenkirk has sent multiple teams and contributed approximately $1,000,000 to that work! What an impact we’ve had!

But let’s talk July … not only did we provide a Vacation Bible School of outstanding quality surpassing previous years in so many respects, but we did so in two locations at the same time! One in Glendora and one in Chinle, Arizona! You have to enjoy significant depth in human resources and spiritual maturity to pull that off. And Glenkirk, as a congregation you certainly do. Glory to God!

With all this investment and all this sowing of seeds, one can only imagine the spiritual fruit in human lives to emerge. Actually, it is already showing up. Just look at what is happening in the lives of our kids and their friends. And look at the smiles on the faces of our adults and our neighbors.

What’s next?

1) Hopefully a little bit of rest for you in August . . .
2) A fall full of life-giving worship, ministry and life together. 

Speaking of that, would you please saves the dates of September 9-10? That’s a Saturday and Sunday for the entire Glenkirk family and our friends we are calling “Hands Together.” You’ll be hearing more about it soon. 

“I’M IN”

Finally, as you know, “I’m In” is our Glenkirk theme for 2017.  “I’m In” is the umbrella that covers and encompasses everything we are about as a church family this year.  “I’m In” means, among other things, “I’m in prayer, I’m in the Bible, I’m in grace and mercy, I’m in obedience, ministry, community, truth, worship, the Spirit, . . . I’m in Glenkirk. I’m still “in” this summer, and I’ll be “in” come fall! I’m All In!”


Together with you and “all in” with you,

Pastor Tim