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Words From the Pastor - Spring is Here!

Spring is Here!

Posted by Tim Fearer on


Dear Glenkirk Family & Friends,

April is here! Winter storms have passed. The fields and the foothills are green. And all of that means . . .

Easter is coming!  

April 16  |  Sunday  |  9:00am & 10:45am

Glenkirk will be ready with her usual best as we offer a warm welcome to visitors and God-honoring, Christ-centered worship. Come and bring a friend to one of two services featuring a full compliment of music (band, choir, instrumentalists), robust congregational singing, a message of promise and hope, and the reception of a strong group of new members to Glenkirk!

Maundy Thursday comes first! 

April 13  |  Thursday  |  7:00pm

We will gather in the sanctuary for music, prayer, meditation and the Lord’s Supper—all in preparation for our celebration of Christ’s resurrection three days later.

Infant dedications, baptisms, new members!

April 9, 16 & 23

Spread across the three Sundays of Palm Sunday, Easter and April 23rd, we will be bringing approximately twenty (!) people into church membership, as well as presenting several individuals—ranging from infant through young adult – to God for dedication or baptism.

A new preaching series!

April 23 – June 25

We are continuing on, of course, in the Sermon of the Mount, but following Jesus into a new section of his foundational teaching. Building on “Enough” (Jesus’ baptism and temptation in January) and “Blessed” (the Beatitudes, concluding Palm Sunday), April 23rd we begin a new, ten-week series called “Together.”  “Together” will take us through some core-practicalities of everyday living for Jesus’ Beatitude-shaped people. I can’t think of a better place for Glenkirk to be than walking with Jesus through the balance of Matthew chapter 5 between Easter and the end of June! 

“I’m In”

Finally, as you know, “I’m In” is our Glenkirk theme for 2017.  “I’m In” is the umbrella that covers and encompasses everything we are about as a church family this year.  “I’m In” means, among other things, “I’m in prayer, I’m in the Bible, I’m in grace and mercy, I’m in obedience, ministry, community, truth, worship, the Spirit, . . . I’m in Glenkirk, I’m in April, and I’m All In!”

Together with you and “all in” with you,

Pastor Tim