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Words From the Pastor - Pruning and Abundance

Pruning and Abundance

Posted by Tim Fearer on


Dear Glenkirk Family & Friends, 

“If there is no pruning, there is no fruit, period!” The man approached me immediately after one of our “Hands Together” services on September 10th, and declared this ancient, universal truth.

We were in John 15 with Jesus announcing himself as the True Vine, his Father the Vine Grower, and us as the branches. We spoke of the severe pruning Glenkirk has been through the past couple of years. Then we pointed to the super-abundance of fruit – everywhere we turn – as evidence that the Father has been cleaning up the branches for a purpose! And then this dear brother shared what he knew about grapes – without the pruning shears applied to the branches early on in the life of the vine and then on a regular basis, there will never ever be any fruit! No pruning, no fruit, period! Let’s never forget that.

Can you believe how remarkable Hands Together weekend was? Saturday brought 240+ of you, toddlers to tottering, happy, working, serving, welcoming, perspiring, enjoying, celebrating. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it. I was so inspired! And you all got so much done! And Sunday brought us all together to worship our faithful God and revel even more in all he has done, is doing, and will do in the coming months. (And the In-N-Out truck – with all proceeds going to Glenkirk Youth mission efforts – brought the perfect ending!)

What else?

  • Six new staff members have arrived! Glenkirk continues to attract top quality, Jesus-focused people.
  • Wednesday evenings are in full swing with our expanding Youth Ministry and Awana programs, Women’s Bible Study, adult class, choir practice and a delicious meal for all to gather around!
  • Our Sunday evening “Table” service is off to an inspiring start as we gather around the Lord’s Supper weekly in a creative, more interactive format . . . with an awesome Nacho Bar to give you reason to linger and meet new friends!
  • Sunday, October 1st, will be our first official intergenerational “Together” worship service, with all ages in and integrated into worship, and a congregational meal following both hours. We got a taste (pun intended) of how rich it all can be on Hands Together Sunday. Every 1st Sunday of the month will feature this.
  • 60 minute Sunday School (drop your children at their class locations before you head to the sanctuary – unless they are worshipping with you) is being received well and takes place every Sunday from now on except 1st Sundays of each month.

And I hear the Halloween Festival is coming, Wednesday, October 25th! But now I’m getting ahead of myself . . .

Glenkirk is pulsing with life! No pruning, no fruit, period! Let’s never forget that. 


Together with you and “all in” with you,

Pastor Tim