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Transition Process & Pastor Search

Transition Process

Glenkirk is in transition as we are in the process of searching for a new senior pastor.

The image below shows the process as a timeline and where we currently are within that process:


For more information about our transition, please follow the link below to be taken to our Glenkirk in Transition website


Mission Study

August 1, 2017

One of the vital steps in calling a new senior pastor at Glenkirk Church is to conduct a mission study, a comprehensive examination of who we are as church.

This study, which is being led by a team of Glenkirk elders, is important for two reasons: (1) so we as a church have a good understanding of our strengths and needs, so we know what kind of senior pastor we need; and (2) so senior pastor candidates will have a clear understanding of the same.

The mission study includes examining our history, finances, spiritual health, the demographics of our church and community, ministries and ministry opportunities, leadership, facilities, culture, relationship to our community, relationship to our denomination (ECO), vision for the way forward, and the role of the senior pastor. Glenkirk last produced a mission study in 2001 and, given all the changes in our church, community, and society since then, it is important that we do this again.


Should you have any questions about the mission study, you are welcome to discuss it with any of the team members or send your questions/comments as an email to


On behalf of the team,

Elder Wayne Herman (Mission Study Team Leader)