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Update: Glenkirk's Even Greater Building Campaign

A few years ago, many of us pledged a financial commitment and contributed toward the improvement of Glenkirk’s campus buildings through renovation. Our goal being the improvement of our capability to attract and minister the good news of Jesus to people in our surrounding communities.

The Fellowship Hall (aka. Event Center West) was renovated in 2014 and the new Church Office was completed in 2015. The total funds spent for these projects were about $2.25 million.

The remaining renovation phases planned are the Children’s Wing and repurposing the old Office Building. The budget for these renovation phases were initially $2.2 million. The original building campaign pledge drive is drawing to a close this year and we currently have just under $800k in the Even Greater account.

The Property and Finance Committee, Glenkirk’s staff and a group of additional construction advisers, have been discussing and planning the use of the funds that we have available to obtain the greatest improvements possible.

The following is our plan of projects to be completed:

  • New Paint for all the church campus buildings
  • Children’s Wing:
    • New north side main entry into the patio area along with a new building front and entry sidewalks.
    • Electronic Check-in, new security gates, bathroom remodels and courtyard renovation.
    • (Photos as of May 2018)
  • Old office repurposed into a multi-purpose Meeting Hall
    • New north side main entry, with building front and entry sidewalks
    • Large central meeting room, with smaller perimeter rooms
    • (Photos as of May 2018)
  • Replacing the 30 year old HVAC units and resealing the roofing for the Children’s Wing and Meeting Hall (aka. old office building). 

We have gathered multiple quotes and received Session’s approval to select contractors, sign contracts, finalize designs, obtain permits and schedule work. We are still compiling a master schedule, but plan to begin this work in the next couple of months. As construction gets underway, there will be opportunity for some volunteer work on subsequent work days.

Thank you so much for your contributions towards the Even Greater Building Campaign! We could not have done this without you!


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