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Even Greater


• A movement where God’s people come together in sacrificial giving to provide funds for building

• A time of spiritual growth and faith development

• A biblically-driven process that includes a three-year giving commitment 


Glenkirk exists to lead uncommitted people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, and sure enough, it's happening. Our faith candle is lit more weeks than it's not, as people make decisions to follow Jesus for the first time. We've told you about the child who first saw our new playground and declared, "It's glorious!" Our desire is to have children who don't yet know Jesus come to Glenkirk, see a glimpse of God's kingdom, and declare, "It's glorious!" But with great blessings come great challenges. For instance:

• We are outgrowing our existing spaces, particularly our larger rooms

• Our facilities are aging and need to be updated and repaired

• Our rooms are not designed according to today's ministry needs

• We have office space where we need children's classrooms

• Our buildings need to be renovated for the sake of first impressions

• Our resources have served us well; now it's time for greater things…


In order to most effectively fulfill our mission as a church, we need to convert our former office building into a children's building. Our muddy courtyards in the children's area can be transformed into usable space. In addition, there are some pragmatic updates that need to happen, such as replacing dated HVAC units, updating bathrooms, painting buildings, and replacing stained carpets.


As of summer of 2014, we concluded the initial fundraising season for the campaign.  Thank you for your generosity!

In December of 2014, we opened our first newly renovated room, our Event Center West.  The large, multipurpose room with a fully equipped stage can be used by members and outside groups for classes, concerts, luncheons, meetings, and most any other use.  Stop by and see!